CeBeReN's mission is to provide professionals who work in (crisis) assistance with unique incidents with the right tools through training and advice, so that they can do this with little or no risk.



The world, society and the people around us are changing, we have to keep up with those changes and have to continuously adapt our way of acting and teaching to circumstances that are often not known in advance.

This demands a lot from the officials who come into contact with this. Through my experience with complex assignments in high-risk environments at home and abroad, at various agencies, I have gained a lot of experience in the crisis field.

In my entire career I have been involved in crisis deployments, both at the Ministry of Defence, the police, the fire brigade and ambulance care units at home and abroad.

I have built up a very large professional network.

The degree of risk-taking in the crisis field can be applied in the right proportions through thorough education, training and advice. This can be small-scale, but also large-scale multidisciplinary.

The focus is therefore on the preparation, implementation, evaluation and monitoring of quality. This takes place in a protected learning environment, in which physical and social safety are paramount.



To achieve the mission and vision, CeBeReN provides training and advice through:

  • Offer high level training and advice.
  • Good customer satisfaction is the goal.
  • Detecting new trends in the crisis area and wants to be a trend setter instead of a trend follower, thereby creating and maintaining a head start (Lessons identified and lessons learned).
  • Crisis trends are continuously implemented in training and advice.
  • To be a CBRN specialist in the Defence, police, fire and ambulance care domain.
  • Increase brand awareness of CeBeReN.
  • Make contact with potential customers.
  • Be active, creative and responsible.
  • Be reliable, professional and with integrity.